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Terms of Use

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How do details get transmitted through the website?

Payment details are transmitted through a company called SecurePay that specialises in secure payment transactions. They use the latest technology available to ensure, as far as practicable, that your information is safe from fraudulent activity. They also do not provide credit card details to us, or store your data.

Full details of SecurePay can be found at their website of

Below is a short transcript explaining how SecurePay manage data transmission:

The Payment Gateway implements need-to-know security for credit card payments over the Internet. Need-to-know security in this case means that the only party who sees a consumer's credit card is the bank, not the merchant and not the service provider. (Note that the merchant only needs to know that the transaction has been authorised, it doesn't need to know credit card numbers.) The Payment Gateway ensures that this confidential information remains encrypted all the way to the banking network. To enforce this unique security system, the Payment Gateway employs internationally recognised encryption algorithms such as RSA(r), RC4(r) and SHA. The security of the software is not compromised by U.S. export legislation. Key lengths are variable and can be periodically increased to keep pace with the ever-declining cost of computing power. In its current state, the Payment Gateway accepts variable length RSA keys and uses 128-bit RC4 keys. 


Who can I contact if I am having problems using the site?

If you have difficulty using or viewing this site, please contact us as we'd like to help. We are most interested in what browser and computer you are using and also the nature of the problem.

We can be contacted on our feedback form.

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