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Personalised Teddy Bears VS Embroidered Cubbie Toys

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Explaining the difference between our personalised teddy bears and the customised cubbie toys.

Here's a quick explanation of difference between our traditional personalised and embroidered teddy bears, and our new embroidered cubbie soft toys.

So as you may have seen, we’ve launched a new product line called cubbies. 

This was part of an effort to give customers a bit of variety when buying a personalised gift, and also, they were irresistible, so, we’ve decided to stock the cubbie toys.

After nearly 11 years of doing our traditional teddy bears, we’ve gone through a bit of a learning curve, but it’s totally been worth it.

So let me explain the difference between the two, and and the benefits of each.

My Teddy Personalised teddy bears

With our traditional personalised teddy bears, we embroider your message on the front and back of the teddy bear jumper and we dress him and off he goes.  You can add a design to this usually on the front.  There are a range of about 40 teddy bears to choose from, big small and all different sizes of bears of all kinds.  The price is set by the teddy you choose, and the price includes the teddy, the jumper and your embroidery.  Just add postage.  Pretty simple really.  We dress your teddy and send him off to you Australia wide, quick smart!

Embroidered cubbie toys

With the cubbie embroidered toys, the embroidery goes straight onto the tummy of the toy, and you have a range of cubbie animals to choose from. 

Currently we have a lamb, hippo, elephant, monkey, duck, teddy, butterfly and cow.  The are all very cute and cuddly.

With the cubbies you can choose what kind of embroidery you would like.  We have a range of templates that you can choose from, and they are all priced differently depending on how much embroidery you want.  You can also choose to embroider on the back of the cubbie toy if you like (not available on the monkey)

Your basic cubbie toy costs $55 then you choose which embroidery you would like to add.

So that’s pretty much the difference between the two.  It depends what you are looking for as to which of these lovely personalised gifts you choose.

Some prefer a classic teddy to a toy.  You can take the jumper off the teddy to wash it, which is handy, and with the cubbies you can take the pods out via a zippable section at the back and wash the whole thing.

The personalised teddies come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, whereas the cubbies are all about the same size.

Which do you prefer?


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