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Design ideas and tips for your personalised Critters or Cubbies

Monday, September 28, 2015

Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting your cubbie design together.

Design Hints for Cubbies and Critters.


Before you add all of your design information, here’s a quick guide to help you decide the best way to layout your personalised details when you order your personalised cubbie.


During the design process we may need to jiggle designs depending on the lengths of names and details, we may also need to abreiviate where necessary.   Each design is completely different, and are all done individually, so there are different considerations to be made in each design. The length of names differ and even decending letters will make a difference as to how we lay out your design.  Rest assured, we do our best to make your design look fantastic.  We strive for it to be clean and sharp, to be balanced and have nice contrast to the toy you have chosen.  Don’t worry, we have done thousands, so we know what looks great.


 If you request a draft of your teddy you will see how we have put your design together, then you can offer any feedback regarding changes you would like.


The first and probably most important tip for choosing your cubbie design is


Less is more


It’s very tempting to put as much information as possible on your cubbie, but the overall impact is that the more information that you add, the smaller the rest of the embroidery becomes, and less distinct.


We aim for a clean fresh design with the wording as big as we can make it, but we have a finite amount of space to work with.


Don’t forget the back.  If there is extra information that you would like on your cubbie, choose an amimal that allows you to embroider on the back as well.  You can fit a few extra lines there.


If you have two middle names, unless they are short, you may need to leave another piece of information out to fit both on.  We try to avoid cluttering the design up.  We want it to look beautiful as well as being super cuddly.


Abreiviate where possible.


Especially the longer lettered months of the year September to February, it’s better to have the three letter alternative,  rather than the letters being really small.  Consider the numerical alternative.


Consider the background.


When you ask for custom colours, consider what background you are putting the design onto.   The best designs have good contrast, so if it’s a light background, go for colours that are darker, and vice versa.


Consider the colours in the cubbie.

Try and choose colours that are complimentary to the colours in the cubbie.  Some of the patchwork ranges have many colours in the critter itself.  Try to match those colours in you selection, or you may find that the design is too busy and clashes in colours.  


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