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Heart Shaped Voice recorder Instructions

Friday, February 28, 2020

Here is your handy step by step of how to use your heart shaped voice recorder.  Follow the instructions and associted pictures and if you have any questions, feel free to message.  The average recording length is 10-12 seconds and you can record any type of greeting, sing a song, wish someone a happy birthday, or record a goodnight message.  The ideas are endless, many people will record ultrasound heartbeats, messages from FIFO dads, or even a message from Grandma if you live far away.  You can record onto a mobile phone use that to hold your specil message. 


1 Remove the clear plastic tab from the voice recorder.


2. Turn the voice recorder over and slide the black button from the P (play) position to the R (record) position.

3. Squeeze the voice box together and speak, sing, or play a recording from your phone near to the voice box.  The red light should come on at this time.  

4. Slide the black button back to the P (play) position and squeeze the box together to hear your recording back.


5.  If you are unsatisfied with your recording, repeat the above steps by sliding the button back into the record position, and repeating the record process.


When you are happy with your personalised message, you can go ahead and insert it inside your plushie.  Please check with us to see if the plushie you have chosen is compatible with the heart shaped voice recorder. 

Things to keep in mind. If it is a special recording, make sure you keep it on another device also.  If the battery runs out of the voice recorder, it will NOT store the previously recordered audio, so keep any special recordings in a secondary location. here to see the voice recorders 



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