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Leap Day is coming. Time for the Ladies to propose.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Leap year proposals for - do it with a My Teddy personalised teddy

Leap year proposals for - do it with a My Teddy personalised teddy
Ladies, this day only comes every four years so now is the time to act. If your man is dragging his feet or you just want to get in first and propose in your own unique way,  you only have a week to go to plan your special proposal.
Use our beautiful teddies as a way of asking your special person to marry you.  It's a lasting and unique way of getting your thoughts into words.
From the traditional " will you marry me" along with your names and the date on the bear, propsing on a personalised teddy bear is a great approach.
We should know, we have created hundreds of these bears for gentleman over our 8 years, and we still get excited every time!!
Now don't think that you should restrict yourself you the traditional, if I was a single gal, considering proposing to my man, I think I would probably take a humourous path and have the text read..
"If you like then you should put a ring on it!!"
This strikes the right note for me, humorous, but strong woman Beyonce-style.  Taking control of the situation in your own way.
Any way that you do it, go for it and be original, romantic, memorable and unique.  If you need help designing your special teddy bear for a proposal, give us a call, we'd be happy to help!!


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