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Other Special Occasions

My Teddy - Special Occasions

At My Teddy we have created a selection of personalised gifts and custom teddy bears to cover the many celebrations across our calendar.  Our personalised stuffed toys can be used for a diverse range of occasions that probably hadn't even occurred to you.

Our range is not limited to just teddy bears to celebrate births or Christenings. There are many other times of the year, or reasons for gifting, that our bears have been requested and made for.

Other special occasions we accommodate for are days for charities or causes and their awareness weeks, cultural days of significance and such simple requests as a bear to chase monsters away.   

If there is a special or unique occasion on which to give a personalised custom teddy bear, you’ll likely find it in this category.  

It’s a small but rapidly growing category for My Teddy, and if you have a suggestion or a unique occasion that you would like to design your own teddy bear for, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.  Most all of these teddy bears and occasions are by customer suggestion or request.

Cultural occasions My Teddy covers 

  • Lunar New Year
  • St Patricks Day
  • Greek Orthodox Easter
  • Eid Ramadan

If you have a suggestion for an occasion that you would like us to cover, get in touch. We’d be happy to do our best to design something specific for you.

Monster Chasers

Our monster chaser plushies originated with a concerned grandmother hoping to find a solution to her grandchild's anxiety and stress about scary things that go bump in the night.  It’s a real concern for children leading to sleeplessness for the kids and parents alike.

Monsters have been hanging around under beds for as long as we can remember.  After a quick chat with this grandmother, we decided that the best way to be rid of this bad guy for good, was to fight fire with fire.  

Hence we developed our own good monster plushie, to chase away any bad guys from under beds, in wardrobes and any other scary place they may lurk.

We got together and custom designed this toy to go on either of our monsters, Bingo or Bongo and hey presto, NO MORE MONSTER!

It really did the trick on the very first night.  We recommend a quick sit down and chat about their own special monster, which has their name on it, and all the powers that it possesses, and that theirs will have the other monsters heading for the hills.  

This special toy gives kids the confidence to sleep alone and the peace of mind that someone is looking after them.  Even better still, it worked like a charm.

Monster Chaser Teddy Bear plushies are limited in stock. Buy now.

Ordering your personalised teddy bear

Ordering your Teddy bears online couldn’t be easier.

Through our online ordering process, you can custom build your bear, or pick one of the pre-built gifts below. Simply enter your details and we will design the bear and send you a draft of the design.

Once you’ve approved it, we begin the process of embroidering your chosen gift. With your permission we can also put a photo up on our social media pages, before we send it to you.

On the day that your teddy bear is despatched you will receive a tracking email showing you the progress of your gift for you to follow on it’s journey.

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